School of American Music Presents

Annual Winter Student Recital

The School of American Music (SAM) will present its annual Winter Recital on Sunday, January 21 from 3:00-4:30pm in the Three Oaks Arts and Education Center, 14 Maple Street, Three Oaks. The recital, which is free and open to the public, will feature performances by SAM students—both children and adults—and by the school’s instructors.

The recital aims to give SAM students live performance experience, in addition to the musical training they receive in the school’s classrooms. “If you want to be good at your instrument, learning how to perform at recitals, or for friends, is just as important as learning the notes,” says SAM President Garth Taylor. “People who attend the recitals are always impressed. It is the single best way we have for showing the excellence of what we do, and attracting more students and teachers.”

The School of American Music offers one-on-one instruction with experienced teachers who are also performing musicians. Its curriculum currently includes guitar, piano, violin, baritone ukulele, flute, voice, music reading and composition and studio recording. Its affiliated Arts & Education Center houses the Harbor Country Singers, programs in Yoga and Tai Chi, and periodic short-term musical and other workshops.

Incorporated in 2012, SAM is beginning its sixth year of operation.