Song Circle

A song circle is what you have when people go around the circle and each one plays a song. That person usually sings the song too, but it’s OK if they play and other people in the circle sing. If you want people to play along with you, it is a good idea to choose songs where the chords are not too complicated, and where there is a melody that is easy to follow. Participants should bring/send 2-3 songs. You go around the circle more than once.


A Circle needs a book of songs to play/sing along with …here’s one –>  SONG CIRCLE

To get your songs into the SONG CIRCLE book: Send the words and chords and artist’s name and the YouTube link. Send them by eMail as Word file attachments . . . 

  • Copy from the web page where you get the words/chords;
  • Paste to an open Word document; 
  • Save the Word doc (name of doc  = name of the song);
  • eMail it