A&E Center Mission

Press Release regarding the organizational structure of A&E Center and the School of American Music. Essentially A&E Center is now the parent organization to SAM.


The Three Oaks Arts and Education Center provides a place where children can focus on subjects not emphasized in the public schools like art and music; a place where teens can get together for activities they enjoy like using a recording studio; a place where grownups can meet, have exercise classes, be in a community choir, and pursue cultural/educational opportunities.


  • EXCELLENCE IN TEACHING – offer programs only when there are highly qualified people to lead them
  • OPENNESS – operate a community institution based on transparency, fairness and openness to all in participation and governance
  • SUSTAINABILITY – ensure financial security and the ability to continue to provide programs
  • AFFORDABILITY – keep fees low and provide scholarships when needed
  • SUPPORT LOCAL ARTISTS & TEACHERS – they are vital to our quality of life