Press Release December 1, 2015

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Three Oaks Arts & Education Center (A&E Center) Opens Doors

Expands mission of the School of American Music

December 1, 2015 — Three Oaks, Michigan. The School of American Music (SAM) a Three Oaks based arts non-profit, has broadened its mission from music to include a wider offering of arts and general education. With its new location in the refurbished village hall in Three Oaks, the new working name for the non-profit is the Three Oaks Arts & Education Center. Its day-to-day moniker is now the “A&E Center.” The location is 14 Maple Street.

A&E Center will operate the classes and instruction organized by the School of American Music. SAM will continue as a program. A wide range of one-on-one music classes will continue to be held on the second floor of the Three Oaks Township Public Library. Classes include guitar, piano, bass guitar, ukulele, and voice. Weekend workshops, larger group classes, public Jam sessions, student recitals, and other musical events will be held at the new A&E center. A&E Center also hosts a number of ongoing weekly classes.

Garth Taylor, A&E Board President, said “the name change reflects the changing nature of the organization and the services provided to the Three Oaks area.”

A&E Center offers a broad array of arts, crafts, photography, film/video, nature, languages, writing, and exercise (Yoga and Kung Fu classes are underway.) Course listings and events are on the website.

The A&E Center facility features a digital recording studio available for music, storytelling, or other types of recordings. For example, local veterans in the Three Oaks area are being interviewed for the Veterans History Project for the Library of Congress. Another event took place Sunday November 11, when over 25 people participated in a story telling workshop conducted by Indigan Storyteller. At the workshop Three Oak residents and folks from Niles, Chesterton, Michigan City, and Chicago, learned storytelling technique.

A&E Center is seeking instructors. If you have a special skill, craft, or art you’d like to share in a class or workshop, please get in touch with Lisa Folsom at 269-409-1191.

Please consider assisting A&E in its mission. Donations are tax deductible. If you would like to contribute musical instruments, please get in touch by phone, 269-409-1191.

The new website address is: (it may redirect to until the website is re-done, pardon our dust.)


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