Performance Scholarship Application Form

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To apply, please print this application, complete it, and send it with all supporting materials to the School of American Music, postmarked no later than April 15, 2014.

Please enclose:

  1. Evidence you are currently in your senior year. . . this can be a letter from a school staff member or a copy of some other document (e.g., recent grade transcript) that shows you are currently a student in good standing.
  2. Evidence you have applied to, or are accepted/enrolled in a degree-seeking program at an accredited post-secondary school. (Evidence of acceptance must be provided before the scholarship funds are paid out).
  3. The names of the two pieces of American music you will perform and a description of whether they are: instrumental (which instrument) or vocal; to be performed solo without accompaniment, self-accompanied, with recorded accompaniment, or with one other accompanist.
  4. A paragraph (max 100 words) for each piece of music explaining its relationship to the American musical tradition, which will appear in the program notes.

SIGNATURE: I hereby apply for the School of American Music Scholarship Competition. I agree:

  • to perform at the public competition; to include my program notes in the progam
  • to allow the School of American Music to list my name in the program for the competition; in advertising the competition; and to include my name and photographs on its website describing the competition and its results.

I affirm that:

  • I am a senior year student in good standing at River Valley High School or in the Berrien Springs Partnership Home Schooling program;
  • At present, I have applied to, or am accepted/enrolled at a post-secondary school;
  • I am a US citizen;  OR IF NON-CITIZEN: I am not on a published “Specifically Designated Nationals” terrorism watch list (required by IRS).
  • If I win a scholarship, the funds will be used exclusively for school expenses – i.e, tuition, fees, lodging, supplies, etc. and I will provide receipts to show it.

Signed: _____________________________________________                  Date____________

Address:  ________________________________________________________________________

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Parent Signature (if under age 18) _________________________________________________