What We Expect

  • Weekly student attendance, promptness, preparation, and a positive attitude.
  • Students must practice regularly as your instructor directs.
  • Students are expected to make progress and complete multiple sessions in a reasonable amount of time (i.e. 10 sessions in 10-12 weeks).
  • Students have their instruments and all related Materials (notebooks, lesson books, music binders) per their instructor at all lessons.
  • Students are expected to participate in Recitals. Performing, listening to others and recital preparation is an important part of the music experience. Recitals are optional for adult students. 
  • Lessons: All lessons are individual, one-on-one lessons. If two people request “couples” lessons, then we will consider granting their request upon evaluation. “Couples” lessons will be for 10 weeks, prepaid with no cancellations. Any no-shows or cancellations that my occur will be charged the rated fee.
  • Parents: When students are in lessons please wait quietly in designated areas. Instructors may allow one parent in with the student during lessons. Other siblings are not to be in with the student. Limit cell phone usage as a courtesy to others. Pets are not allowed in the Library, unless they are a working dog. Restrooms are available on the first floor of the Library.